iCatholic is a church-run project designed to support the New Evangelisation.

Our hope for the iCatholic player is that it will become the equivalent of the RTE player or BBC iPlayer for the Irish Church (or if you prefer our own Netflix)…

Our mission is summed up in our tag-line – CREATE GATHER SHARE.

So along with the content we create, we also want to gather content from around the Irish Church and to share this combined content across multiple platforms in a very open way.

You can find more about our project at www.iCatholic.ie – including how you can get content from iCatholic to appear automatically on your own website.


As well as on-demand video, we also do live streaming – notably special live programmes for Primary Schools but also some evening broadcasts.

We alert people – via Facebook and Twitter – when our next livestreams are upcoming


We would value any feedback or suggestions via www.icatholic.ie/contact/

We would especially appreciate people helping to spread the word via social media etc.

Donations would be gratefully received to help us continue this work of the New Evangelisation.