2015 Trócaire Lenten Lecture – Lorna Gold

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Lorna Gold gives the formal response to the 2015 Trócaire Lenten Lecture by Cardinal Peter Turkson on Integral ecology.

Dr Lorna Gold is the head of Advocacy and Policy at Trócaire.  Cardinal Turkson is the President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Click on link to view Cardinal Turkson’s lecture –  “Integral ecology and the horizon of hope: concern for the poor and for creation in the ministry of Pope Francis”

This Lecture was livestreamed by iCatholic from Maynooth on 5th March 2015.

Extract from Cardinal Turkson’s Lecture

III. Third principle: we will – we must – care for what we cherish and revere.

…In pointing to Saint Francis as a model, Pope Francis holds that a truly practical and sustainable integral approach to ecology, has to draw on more than the scientific, the material and the economic, more than laws and policies. When Saint Francis gazed upon the heavens, when he surveyed the wonder and beauty of the animals, he did not respond to them with the abstract formulae of science or the utilitarian eye of the economist. His response was one of awe, wonder and fraternity. He sang of “Brother Sun” and “Sister Moon”. In other words, his response was that of reverence – of a deep and relational respect based on kinship and fraternity, the kinship with God, our neighbour and the land spoken of in the book of Genesis and praised throughout the wisdom literature and the psalms.