The Big Picture – You, the Bible and God’s Big Plan

David Payne, Director of CaFE in the UK, explains the workings of The Big Picture Bible course which is aimed at both individuals and groups.

This interview featured in Ep 29 of ‘A Question of Faith’ first broadcast on CatholicTV in the US on 25th April 2016

CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration)

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Since 1996, with encouragement from the Vatican, we at CaFE have been producing a wide variety of modern and attractive DVD resources for Catholics.

A growing number of Anglican parishes are also successfully using CaFE.  We now run a range of missions, retreats and events from around the UK, and our CaFE resources are also available in many other English-speaking countries. CaFE helps people of all ages in a relaxed, welcoming ‘café’ style atmosphere to learn, share and pray together.

A whole library of easy-to-run, TV-quality resources is available and is categorised into four main areas:

– Faith Formation
– Sacraments
– Youth
– General Resources

The CaFE courses inspire and empower regular church-goers and also inform those exploring the faith in a modern and non-threatening manner. CaFE courses are an ideal follow-on to an Alpha course.

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