A New Dawn

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Music

A New Dawn … a music video reflection for Easter by Monica Brown and the team at Emmaus Productions.

For more videos for prayer, reflection and meditation please visit www.liturgyritualprayer.com

About Monica’s Music

Monica Brown’s music is sung by children and adults in schools and parish communities, in family homes and religious communities, in retreat centres, in hospitals and prisons and in many places where people gather for prayer and spiritual enrichment. Monica’s music is touching the hearts of people all over the world.

In classrooms and school assemblies across the English speaking world, children, teachers and catechists sing and dance, pray and meditate to Monica’s uplifting and inspirational songs, hymns and mantras.

In a Religious Community whose members are alienated by years of injustice and heartache, healing and reconciliation stir in the hearts of all and is ritualised as Monica’s reconciliation mantra, Healing Is Your Touch, is sung. Women and men, in chapels and community prayer rooms around the world, individually or communally, pray and meditate, celebrate and worship with Monica’s music.
In contrast, in a small suburban home, a woman who has been bed ridden for six years, lies awake at night in excruciating pain and her only comfort is Monica’s voice and the songs she sings of a loving, intimate God.

In hospitals around the world the dying come close to a welcoming God in the listening of Monica’s songs while their despairing families find consolation in the faith and hope she sings of.

In prisons, where it is difficult to find any meaning and hope, Monica’s music feeds the hungry hearts of those who struggle to come close to God and heal the brokenness of their lives.

In African villages under the stars and around Aboriginal campfires, Monica sings with the indigenous of a God who is universal and all pervasive.

And in the heart of suburbia, a mother jogs in the early morning light and feels the company of God as she listens through her ipod to Monica’s sacred songs.

In the ordinary and far from ordinary moments of life, Monica’s music is used to celebrate, to comfort, to teach, to heal, to express the sacred in people’s everyday lives.

About Emmaus Productions

Emmaus Productions in an independent non-profit organization dedicated to providing creative experiential programs, workshops and events, as well as music and other audio visual resources, which enable children, youth and adults to appreciate their own giftedness and to experience the Sacred in their lives.