Fortify Youth Conference – Fr Brendan Kilcoyne

by | Jun 11, 2017 | Ministry, Youth

Fr Brendan Kilcoyne gives a warm, witty and powerful address about youth ministry at the Fortify Conference on 10th June 2017.



Fortify is intended to bring youth ministers around Ireland together, and contribute to a greater movement towards active youth ministry in the Catholic Church within Ireland.


We believe that youth ministry is an essential element of Catholic evangelisation. All participants in youth ministry in Ireland are counter-cultural, and are thus in need of support.


Provide context to the difficulties facing youth ministry in Ireland today
Provide a safe and healthy learning environment for people interested in learning about youth ministry
Provide inspiration through the examples of successful ministries and strategies
Provide information on youth ministry resources and opportunities in Ireland


Initiate conversation on successful strategies for youth ministry
Help those interested in youth ministry discern what would work in their individual parish/diocese/area.
Initiate conversation between clergy and lay-people regarding our involvement in, and support of, youth ministry