The Good News according to Francis – Part 1/3

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Pope Francis, Scripture, ZZ_All

The Good News according to Francis – 3 part series

12th March
The Good News of the Kingdom of God
19th March
Encountering Jesus in faith and in our lives
26th March
Belonging to the community of faith

Groups are invited to watch this series live on the above dates at 8pm and to discuss the questions set out at the end of  each presentation.

Livestream 26th March

On the final night of the series, we will host a live discussion – see schedule below

8.00pm livestream begins on with a brief live intro to the ‘input’ programme which is about c 30 minutes long.
8.25pm watching groups will be invited to discuss the questions coming from the presentation and to forward their comments / questions (by phone/facetime/email/text)
8.45pm live discussion hosted by the series presenters taking up the comments/ questions from viewers (c. 30 minutes)

Full details will be posted on prior to 26th March.