Holy Family Monstrance at IEC2012

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Holy Family Monstrance

The concept of the Holy Family Monstrance was the product of a deeply established love for the Blessed Eucharist by Noel Ward of Durrus, West Cork.  Its origins can be traced back to seeds planted by the family devotions, and a prayer Noel learned from his mother.  This prayer reflected on Our Lady’s love for her Son on the Cross, and the Calvary scene from the Gospeal where Jesus gave his mother to his disciple John and how John took Mary into his home (John 19:26-27).

Many years later, this enduring focus in faith matured to fashion the monstrance elements: the Blessed Eucharist, the Cross, Our Lady leading us to Jesus her Son, and the Word of God as proclaimed by St. John.

The result is a perfect unity in imagery, the ultimate family stretching from heaven to earth and back again, now exquisitely embodied in the Holy Family Monstrance.


The main structure is stainless steel. The central pyx holds a 6 inch (14.5cm) diameter consecrated host surrounded by a twelve point gold double star.

Pilate’s posted declaration ‘INRI’ – Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum – heads the cross. Below, astride the arms, sits Christ’s Crown of Thorns.

At the end of each arm is embedded a semi-precious stone, a third above the food of the cross. A silver chalice stands before the cross at its base.

To the right stands Mary, Mother of God, presenting her Son to us. On the left stands St. John, holding his inspired works.

Both figures are of silver – coated bronze, the garments edged in gold.

The Holy Family Monstrance conveys the total message of salvation: the Cross, the scorn and humiliation, his sufferings, His death, the triumph of His Resurrection, the Royal Priesthood, the lasting legacy of the Holy Eucharist.

Vision – Eucharistic Congress 2012

The vision of the Holy Family Monstrance is to encourage and progress Eucharistic Adoration to new levels of worship and love.

Each time a facet of the monstrance generates something fresh, a new uniquely personal insight into the Paschal Mystery, one deepens one’s relationship with Jesus.

It is hoped that this monstrance will be used in all the Dioceses in preparation for the the International Eucharistic Congress which is to be held in in Dublin in 2012.

More information

If you would like more information about the Holy Family Monstrance, especially in regard to its availability or promotion please contact  –

The Holy Family Monstrance Committee,
c/o Noel Ward, Durrus, Bantry, Co. Cork.