IEC2012 – Through the Eyes of the Apostles

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Through the Eyes of the Apostles : Life Overwhelmed by a Presence

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This three dimensional exhibition allows the visitors to “enter” Capernaum, the village on the shores of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus lived during His public ministry; they will be able to smell the trees and hear the lapping of waters, sounds and voices floating across the lake from another time. Finally they will contemplate the site of the Resurrection where the history of salvation was fulfilled.

This exhibition looks, through the eyes of the Apostles, at what happened when Jesus arrived in Capernaum and what those people saw in him; it looks, through the eyes of the Apostles, at the most extraordinary event in human history, the mystery of God made visible, the infinite made finite. Everything we know about Jesus comes to us through the testimony of those men who followed Him in Palestine.

The Irish community of Communion and Liberation is presenting this exhibition at the 50th International Eucharistic Congress. It was first displayed last year at the “Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples” a weeklong cultural event in Rimini involving people of all faiths. It was realized with the support of the Custodian of the Holy Land and was carried out through the collaboration of ATS pro Terra Sancta and numerous experts, under the direction of its curator José Miguel Garcia, Professor of New Testament Exegesis at the San Dámos faculty of Theology in Madrid.

Writer, John Waters, a key speaker at the Congress, who saw the exhibition last year in Rimini, described feeling:

impossible not to be moved, impossible not to be transported. For what I felt was that suddenly I had been embraced in something involving a collapsing of time and space. History was foreshortened and the past 2,000 years became irrelevant. I was in Capernaum. I had returned to the centre of history. ‘Is He here?’ I found myself wondering. Is He here?