New Irish Mass setting by Liam Lawton

by | Sep 21, 2012 | Music, ZZ_All

New Irish Mass Setting

Fr Liam Lawton has written a new Irish Mass setting for the revised missal called Aifreann Muire na nGael which celebrates one of the great Irish Saints, St. Brigid of Kildare – the 5th century saint affectionately known as Mary of the Gael.

It will be published by Veritas in November 2012.  Fr Liam will host a series of workshop s around the country to introduce the new Irish Mass settings to choirs.  See your diocese for more details.

Written for soloist and choir, it is also very suitable for Irish instruments as will appear on the recording.

I wanted to compose a Mass setting that celebrates the life of one of our great saints but also to celebrate the beauty of Irish music form. So the Mass setting has pathos, joy and melodic tones that are unique to our beautiful and rich culture. Liam Lawton

Along with arrangements for Soloist, Choir and Instruments, it is also planned to make available a backing track to facilitate learning the music and to accompany singers.