Ollie on coming to Lough Derg for last 35 years

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Family, Pilgrimage Archive

Ollie from Ennis speaks of his connection with Lough Derg which goes back over 35 years and involves all his family, his parish family and his boxing family.

Lough Derg


Stories about Lough Derg and the legendary pilgrimage have spanned the centuries and as far back as records go, have been associated with St Patrick.

The spirituality of St Patrick is remembered and renewed every year by pilgrims.

Lough Derg is a shrine dedicated to St Patrick.

For over 1500 years pilgrims are coming to Lough Derg. Remarkably the Island continues to hold its appeal for young and old alike. People continue to come for all kinds of reasons.

Some come to reflect on life changing decisions, to come to terms with where they are at, to give thanks to God for joy in their lives, to overcome loss, to pray for themselves or a loved one.

Some are searching…

…they may be successful in the sense of having a job and good friens but somewhere their lives seem in a bit of a rut and they lack a sense of fulfilment…

…this place apart and the pilgrimage can give them just the lift they need to enter into a new stage in their lives and in their relationship with God.

…others seek answers to life’s questions and have come to pray for guidance, patience, courage and peace of mind.

For others Lough Derg is simply an indispensable part of their relationship with God. They come every year so they can better face the challenges of their day-to-day lives.