Mingy Prayer Book for Irish Defence Forces personnel

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Evangelisation, Prayer

Fr Robert McCabe discusses the new Mingy Prayer Book which has particular appeal for those serving overseas.

Mingy Prayerbook


The Mingy Prayerbook was designed to provide personnel with prayers and reflections during training, and for various occasions through work and life. Initially published in the early 1990s, the prayerbook was designed to fit in a soldier’s pocket or wallet.

The word “Mingy” entered the military vocabulary during the first UN mission to Congo. Locals in the shops and markets called “mingy, mingy, mingy” (meaning “plenty” or “many”) to attract potential customers who might buy their produce at “special prices”

In time, “Mingy Street” developed – paticularly in Naqoura in South Lebanon. Items purchased were packed away and brought home in a mingy box as gifts for family. Since then, the word has developed into a noun, adjecive, or prefix which can convey both approval or disfavour.

“Mingy” can describe a collectible item which is the envy of other soldiers e.g. “I got a great mingy” or a gift of questionable quality e.g. “That’s only a cheap mingy.” It’s a term which is used only by members of the Defence Forces and by their families. The value of the word is often understood by the tone of voice of the speaker!

It’s worth bearing in mind that God has plenty of time for us when we turn to Him in prayer. He has plenty to give us for our every need. All we have to do is ask or put words on our concerns at a particular time.

This upgrade of the Mingy Prayerbook was published in 2015 and includes additional prayers, images and reflections for personnel at various stages of life, work and travel.