Archbishop Eamon Martin criticises change to NI Abortion law

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Irish Bishops' Conference, ProLife

Archbishop Eamon expresses his concern at how the Executive Formation Bill was “essentially hijacked” thereby undermining the whole concept of devolution.


In recent days, along with my fellow Bishops, here I’ve expressed alarm about the way in which the Executive Formation Bill was essentially hijacked to introduce abortion in Northern Ireland.
And indeed to introduce an abortion regime which is in my view quite reckless, which facilitates abortion essentially on demand up to 28 weeks from the 22nd of October this year; should an Assembly not be up and running again.

We’re very anxious, of course, for our Assembly and for devolution to be back on track. And we’re aware here that our politicians are engaged in talks to that effect.
We know and we support and we have voiced that support for our politicians so that real democracy can happen here in this part of the world.
That is why we were very alarmed and very concerned to see that a ‘coach and horses’ essentially has been driven through the democratic process and indeed through the whole concept of devolution.

The introduction of this bill and the amendments to it has effectively removed the fundamental right to life of human beings in the womb.
Unborn children now have no rights and therefore we would be very concerned about that.
We think that a topic of this nature such a momentous decision is one in which there should be a very robust public discussion
I think a lot of people feel very strongly about that and would have wanted a much more engaged and robust public debate before any such legislation is introduced

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