Particles of Faith (10) – Interview with Bishop John Kirby

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Faith Archive, Faith B, ZZ_All

No 10. – “I believe in Church, sent by Jesus to the world”

What nourishes faith of a bishop?
What is an apostolic succession and why bishops are called Christ’s successors?
What is the role of laity in Church of today? Very often we hear that we have been sent to spread a Good News to the world. But is that not only priests and religious job?
What is the future of the Church?

These and few other questions we have asked Bishop John Kirby – diocese of Clonfert.

The website is a resource page which aim to nourish Christian’ faith, offering month by month guides and supports through the Year of Faith. This project is based on the portal developed by Polish Youth Chaplaincy ( and has been converted to English.

A key part of the monthly structure are video interviews, where Irish people from various background will share their take on particular truths of Faith.

This series of videos – entitled ‘Particles of Faith’ – will be hosted on iCatholic.