Particles of Faith (2) – Interview with Eugene Wheatley

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Faith Archive, Faith B, ZZ_All

No. 2 – “I Believe in God Who became one of us”

It is difficult to proof the existence of God, but we can find strong arguments which suggest His existence.  A careful observation of the world can be the first argument. If we look at the world of flora and fauna in it we see order and beauty, the question arises whether such a world can be a result of a chance. The fact that life exists on earth in a form that we can see now is the result of hundreds of different circumstances that had to occur at the same time. Faith requires our free will and clear mind; it grows through prayer, the sacraments and listening to the Word of God.

We have asked Mr. Eugene Wheatley – farmer from Co. Laois, but most of all a husband and a father, about his faith, what nourishes it, how he knows that the God exists, and how he discovered it for himself.

The – “I know whom I believed” website is a resource page which aim to nourish Christian’ faith, offering month by month guides and supports through the Year of Faith. This project is based on the portal developed by Polish Youth Chaplaincy ( and has been converted to English by Julian and Maja Drapiewski, with support of Emmanuel House of Providence and the Diocese of Clonfert.

A key part of the monthly structure are video interviews, where Irish people from various background will share their take on particular truths of Faith.

This series of videos – entitled ‘Particles of Faith’ – will be hosted on iCatholic.