The Particles of Faith – introduction to video series

This website which offers users month by month guides and supports through the Year of Faith  has been developed by Julian and Maja Drapiewski.  It is based on a similar website that was developed in Poland.

A key part of the monthly structure are video interviews, where Irish people from various background will share their take on particular truths of Faith.

This series of videos – entitled ‘Particles of Faith’ – will be hosted on iCatholic.

In this video Julian Drapiewski gives a short introduction to the project.


On the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed year 2012-13 an International Year of Faith in the Catholic Church. With our series: The Particles of Faith, we tried to capture a picture of faith in Ireland today.

Please seat back and see for yourself, that the Faith is still very much alive…

For more video reflection please go to:

Video Series

 NO. 1 – I believe in Christ who died for me

The first part in our series  features an interview with Sr Breige McKenna.