The Particles of Faith – introduction to video series

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Communications, ZZ_All

This website which offers users month by month guides and supports through the Year of Faith  has been developed by Julian and Maja Drapiewski.  It is based on a similar website that was developed in Poland.

A key part of the monthly structure are video interviews, where Irish people from various background will share their take on particular truths of Faith.

This series of videos – entitled ‘Particles of Faith’ – will be hosted on iCatholic.

In this video Julian Drapiewski gives a short introduction to the project.


On the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed year 2012-13 an International Year of Faith in the Catholic Church. With our series: The Particles of Faith, we tried to capture a picture of faith in Ireland today.

Please seat back and see for yourself, that the Faith is still very much alive…

For more video reflection please go to:

Video Series

 NO. 1 – I believe in Christ who died for me

The first part in our series  features an interview with Sr Breige McKenna.