Learning from David versus Goliath – Kristan Hawkins

Keynote address at the Pro Life Campaign 2018 Conference from Kristan Hawkins (President of Students for Life of America).

for more info see  https://prolifecampaign.ie and https://studentsforlife.org/


  1. Believe the fight can be won
  2. Be Relentless
  3. Interrupt the Cycle, change the culture, win back young people
In the second section – Be Relentless – Kristan draws on ‘David and Goliath’ by Malcolm Gladwell and relays four qualities that explain how David won ….
  • Effort more vital than ability
  • Keep your focus
  • Rush forward, be the advancer
  • think outside the box, change the rules
In the third section – Interrupt the Cycle – Kristan likewise has a number of sub-points about winning back young people …
  • be on campus
  • be first
  • set up and grow pregnancy advice centres (near schools etc)
  • confront the media, do not let them tell who you are, start your own media channels
  • invest resources in young people
  • culture is upstream, politics is downstream
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