Interview with Rector of the Beda College, Rome

by | Apr 25, 2015 | Vocations, ZZ_All

Monsignor Roderick Strange discusses how the Beda College in Rome helps older men from the English-speaking world prepare for priesthood.

Called and Chosen

This interview will feature in our new 5 part series on hearing and answering the call to Diocesan Priesthood – Called and Chosen.  Episode 1 will be available on the iCatholic player on Vocations Sunday (26 April).

Beda College

This College was first founded in 1852 to form older men, often convert clergymen, for Catholic priesthood. They came only for four years, because they were seen to have significant knowledge and experience already.

Today the character of the community has changed. Although the Beda remains the responsibility of the Bishops of England and Wales, it has opened its doors to receive men from English-speaking countries worldwide. However, the essential mission remains the same: to help older men harness and develop their experience and knowledge in the service of the Gospel as Catholic priests.