Reflection for 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2014

by | Feb 8, 2014 | Liturgy, Prayer, ZZ_All

Salesian Fr Paddy Hennessy shares a reflection on Sunday’s Gospel – You are the Salt of the Earth – and how we are called to be agents of change.

Agent of change

In the New Testament there is a further interpretation that can be assigned to any scripture passage where salt is used. Salt is presented in its function as an aid to stroke the fire of the oven into life. It is the catalyst that helps to release the energy within. It is an agent of change.

It is this ability to be a catalyst that salt in fact with loose over time and there would always come a time when the oven user would need to remove the block of salt from the oven

Even then, the householder would never consider just throwing out the block as it now had a further use as a solid hardened block which could act as a paving stone in the pathway leading up to the house to be trampled underfoot