Blindness & Light – Reflection for Fourth Sunday of Lent

by | Mar 29, 2014 | Church Archive, Church B, Faith A, Faith Archive, ZZ_All

Fr John Campion shares a reflection for the fourth Sunday of Lent entitled “Blindness & Light”.

Fr John, a Salesian, serves as chaplain at University Limerick


…In humility we may think of ourselves like the man when our blindness is healed when our eyes were opened to see what we need to change. Perhaps it was to relate to the Lord at a deeper level and with members of our family and friends. Perhaps the light of Jesus message is to give ourselves more to the needs of the poor. We may experience the light to move away from a relationship that is not life giving and to live more simply. For some the light is when they were able to admit, I suffer from an addiction and seek help. You realised you were being called to something deeper and more life giving…