Share the Good News – Introduction and Implementation

National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland

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Share the Good News is the National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland.

It is a ten year plan for Evangelisation, for Catechesis and for Religious Education in Ireland from the perspective of the Catholic Church.

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It is addressed to and is aimed at everyone in the Church. It obviously deals with those who have ministerial and teaching positions in the wide Church community but it is particularly addressed to adults – young adults, those rearing children and adults of mature years.

It reaches out to children, to adolescents, to those who experience social disadvantage, to people with special needs, to the deaf community, to the travelling community, to migrant workers and other newcomers and to those living with illness.

Chapter seven, the final chapter of Share the Good News, presents policies and objectives to be pursued at all levels of Church governance and membership. Alongside each objective, some indicators of achievement are provided, suggesting steps to be realised along the way in addressing a particular objective.

The Directory is concerned with your faith development and with the renewal of your Church.

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The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference (also known as the Irish Episcopal Conference) is the assembly of the Bishops of Ireland exercising together certain pastoral offices for Christ’s faithful on the whole island of Ireland.