Soul Waves Radio – Broadcasting Faith, Justice and Social Issues

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About Soul Waves Radio

Soul Waves Radio supplies over 30 local and community radio stations throughout Ireland with news, reaction stories and features.

Each week, three interviews, edited and ready for transmission, are broadcast and posted to our website, reaching an estimated audience of 300,000.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the Gospel and committed to the highest professional standards in broadcast journalism, Soul Waves Radio aspires to reach all sectors of our community today.

Soul Waves Radio is committed to:

  • Providing relevant and imaginative programming that engages with contemporary issues from a faith perspective.
  • Exploring current trends and values through research and analysis.
  •  Investing in technological and other relevant resources to ensure the provision of appropriate training and support for all involved in Soul Waves Radio.
  • Continually evaluating and assessing the service we provide in the interest of ongoing development and improvement.


Soul Waves Radio
St. Mary’s
Bloomfield Avenue
Dublin 4


 Phone: 086 4085677