Survival – Sculpture and Poem by Freda Gilmore

by | Jan 11, 2014 | Art, Art Archive, Family, ZZ_All

Deirdre O’Rawe talks about the sculpture ‘Survival’ that adorns the recently renovated regional offices of Accord NI in Belfast.

The piece is the work of Freda Gilmore who has served as Accord marriage counsellor for over thirty years.

The video includes a Poem composed by Freda.


by Freda Gilmore

I sleep serene
When I know you are there
I need not fear the dark of life
Nor yet dream the future I must mould
For my time has not yet come

Cushion my growing
Lead me forward with loving hands
waken me gently, soft breath on my cheek
For though you will teach me to walk as you
I will take your visions along different paths