Trócaire Gift of Legal Aid

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Justice Archive, Trócaire, ZZ_All

Defending the poorest communities from injustice is a precious gift.

In Guatemala families have been torn apart by conflict, loved ones have disappeared and farmers have been evicted illegally from their family land.

Your thoughtful gift of legal aid will help in the search for family members lost during the war. It will also support the gathering of evidence to prosecute war criminals.

And, it will help strengthen the rights of indigenous people so they can return to their family land, grow their own food to eat and earn a living.

This gift is part of our Human Rights programme.


Each Trócaire Gift is sourced locally and sustainably from the country where it is needed. So the gifts not only support families in the world’s poorest places, they grow the local economy too. You will receive a card as a symbol of the Trócaire Gift you have purchased. You can then give this card to a friend, family member or client to explain the meaning of the gift. Alternatively an e-card can be emailed directly to your chosen recipient.

When you buy online, you can choose either a traditional gift card or an e-card. The traditional card will be posted out to you, or if you choose to send an e-card, it will be emailed to your chosen recipient immediately or at a time you schedule. Your e-card can be sent to anyone you choose – a friend, family member or client. You can enter a personal message alongside a description of how your gift will support families and communities in the developing world..

You can buy Trócaire Gifts cards in person at selected retail outlets countrywide, by phone, by post, and by fax. Full information of where and how to purchase your gifts is available on our Trócaire Gifts Buy Offline page.