A Guide to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Trócaire

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Justice Archive, Pilgrimage Archive, Trócaire

In this Trócaire film produced by iCatholic, pilgrims to the Holy Land are encouraged to connect with the ‘living stones’ and the work of peace building.



Trócaire has worked in the Holy Land since 2002 and co-operates with both Israeli and Palestinian organisations to create a just and lasting peace. This work has brought Trócaire into contact with numerous groups and individuals in Ireland and in Europe who have travelled to the Holy Land on pilgrimage.

From what they have seen on the ground in the Holy Land, Trócaire believes it is important to provide groups and individuals travelling on pilgrimage to the region material to reflect on how they might engage with peace building and working for justice and peace in and through their pilgrimage experiences. To this end, before you travel or after you return, Trócaire they are prepared to come and meet with your pilgrimage group and make a presentation to you.