Trócaire Nepal Earthquake relief update

by | May 23, 2015 | Justice Archive, Trócaire

Conor O’Loughlin of Trócaire reports from a district in Nepal where 80% of houses are damaged or destroyed. Trócaire is aiming to reach 175,000 people with support.

Millions of people in Nepal are in need of aid after a series of devastating earthquakes.

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A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on April 25th, followed by a series of major aftershocks and tremors. More than 8 million people have been affected, with over 190,000 homes destroyed and over 175,000 more severely damaged.

On May 12th another major earthquake struck, measuring 7.1 magnitude.

Trócaire is working with Caritas partners to deliver aid to 175,000 people in seven of the most affected districts. Caritas Nepal are mounting significant support, with the immediate focus being on providing shelter, food and water to people left homeless.