St Valentine’s Day Gift Tokens – Anna and Seamus

Engaged couple Anna and Seamus select their favourite St Valentine’s Gift Token from WMOF2018 … see for all 8 tokens.

This initiative from the World Meeting of Families 2018 is inspired by The Joy of Love, a letter from Pope Francis to the world, where he emphasises the fundamental importance of time together and personal communication as foundations for a love that lasts.

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St Valentine’s Day Tokens:

1 – A journey down memory lane – taking time to remember how we met

2 – A special meal cooked by me

3 – A technology free evening together

4 – Time together to pray

5 – A hand-in-hand walk together

6 – Loads of tender hugs

7 – A family outing

8 – Praying you find that special someone

About The Author

Dublin, Ireland, has been chosen by Pope Francis to host the next World Meeting of Families. Families and others from all over the world will gather in Dublin from 21-26 August 2018 to celebrate their lives together, to share their experiences from different parts of the world, to reflect on the different challenges they face and to grow together in faith.  The chosen by Pope Francis for WMOF2018 is The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.