YouCat to be followed by DoCat and Youth Bible

by | Oct 8, 2015 | A Question of Faith, Faith A, Faith Archive, Youth

A report from Germany on the global spread of the Youth catechism and their upcoming projects – a Youth Bible and the DOCAT on the church’s social teaching.

(This report will feature in Episode 2 of  our half-hour weekly ‘A Question of Faith’ programme that is being broadcast by CATHOLIC TV in the US)

International YOUCAT Center

The international YOUCAT Center in Augsburg/Germany has the following responsibilities:

To coordinate and inspire the global spread of the YOUCAT
To advertise the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, e.g. at the World Youth Days (WYD) and at youth events of the Catholic Church all over the world
To operate the YOUCAT website, to work on Facebook and to promote the international exchange process among young Catholics
To point out to Multipliers (catechists, teachers, youth pastors etc.) to refer to the YOUCAT and to inspire them to work with the YOUCAT
To encourage and to guide YOUCAT Study-Groups and discussion circles
To have an open door for young people and to organize events where young people are inspired to believe
To contact congregations and clergy communities and to invite them to work with the YOUCAT as a tool
To develop new material (books, media, downloads) in order to support the YOUCAT
To forward and to mediate material and suggestions from all over the world

To make use of the four key-words:

KNOW! (Get to know the faith, earn profound knowledge of faith!)
SHARE! (Share your faith with others over the Internet! Go to discussion groups! Make Postings!)
MEET! (Meet with other young Christians in real life!)
EXPRESS! (Give your faith expression by doing something!)