Canonisation Cause for Fr Willie Doyle SJ opens

Dr Pat Kenny introduces us to Fr Willie Doyle SJ, who laid down his life as a martyr of charity on 16 August 1917 at the Battle of Passchendaele while serving as an Army Chaplain.

Enlarge the space of your tent – JulieAnn Moran & Fr Declan Hurley

JulieAnn Moran and Fr Declan Hurley reflect on key themes that have emerged from the synodal process at both national and international level.

What we heard from Catholics from around the world – Austen Ivereigh

Austen Ivereigh shares with us about being part of the group that drafted the Working Document for the Continental Stage of Synod 2021- 24.

Pope’s Intention Oct 2022 – For a Church open to everyone

The synodal process that we are following is entering its second stage. In this stage, the goal is the same: “to synod.” That is to say, “to walk together.”

World Priest – Praying for the Sanctification of Priests

Bishop Fintan Monahan on the great contribution of ‘World Priest’ to the Universal Church through their Annual Global Rosary Relay for the Sanctification of Priests 

Global Rosary Relay 2022 – Promo video

The Worldpriest Annual Global Rosary Relay for the Sanctification of Priests (June 24 2022) touches every continent as we learn in this promo video.

Lifted up and encouraged – National Pre-Synodal Assembly

“We feel lifted up and encouraged ….” Nicola Brady (Chair of the Synodal Group)  on the National Pre-Synodal Assembly which took place in Athlone and Clomacnoise.

KandLe Synodal Pathway Synthesis – iCatholic special

Members of the K&L Diocesan Synodal Committee and Bishop Denis Nulty come together to present and discuss the recently published Diocesan Synthesis 

An Irish pilgrimage guide to The Holy Land

Michael Kelly discusses his new book which offers historical, practical and spiritual guidance for pilgrims to the Holy Land drawing from his own repeated pilgrim experiences.

Pope Francis encourages GRACE project

Fr Eamonn Conway on how Pope Francis encouraged the educational work and spirituality of the GRACE project at a recent meeting with an Irish study group in Rome.

The Synodal Pathway – When Rhetoric meets Reality

We hear from editor Fr Eamonn Conway about the objectives of this book which include making the case for a synodal Church that is authentic and accountable.

Advocating for Religious Freedom – Dr Michael Nazir-Ali

Former Anglican Bishop Dr Michael Nazir-Ali discusses his faith journey and his advocacy for persecuted Christians and religious freedom.