Trocaire Gifts

Trócaire Gift of a School Kit

Your gift of a school kit will help Trócaire’s work to ensure children enjoy the basic human right of an education.

Trócaire Gift of Water

Your gift of water is, quite simply, the gift of life. Your thoughtful gift will fund water projects in the world’s poorest places.

Trócaire Gift of Safe Motherhood

Your thoughtful gift of safe motherhood will provide essential training for midwives to safely deliver babies and deal with emergency situations in Somalia.

Trócaire Gift of Support to Grandparents

Your thoughtful gift will help these very special and loving grandparents provide a secure and happy environment for their grandchildren.

Trócaire Gift of a Goat

Your thoughtful gift of a goat can do much more than provide food and an income for a family in need.

Trócaire Gift of Birth Cert

Your thoughtful gift is a gift of identity, recognition and proof of date and place of birth.

Trócaire Gift of Chicks

Your thoughtful gift of chicks will provide eggs, a daily source of nutrition. They can be sold in local markets too, providing a helpful source of income.

The Gift of a Goat in Malawi

Edesi Flyton talks about the impact the gift of a goat had on her family. Find out how you buy a gift of change this Christmas.