APT – Act to Prevent Trafficking

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Justice Archive, ZZ_All

Fr Donal Dorr introduces the work of Act to Prevent Trafficking (APT) and highlights how Pope Francis has spoken out on this issue.

APT is a faith-based group. The members of APT are people belonging to religious congregations or missionary societies which are part of Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) and/or the Irish Missionary Union (IMU). APT welcomes collaborators and resource people who are willing to share its work on a short-term or long-term basis.

Recorded Dec 2013

Pope Francis – Evangelii Gaudium

210. … Migrants present a particular challenge for me, since I am the pastor of a Church without frontiers, a Church which considers herself mother to all…

 211. I have always been distressed at the lot of those who are victims of various kinds of human trafficking. How I wish that all of us would hear God’s cry: “Where is your brother?” (Gen 4:9). Where is your brother or sister who is enslaved? Where is the brother and sister whom you are killing each day in clandestine warehouses, in rings of prostitution, in children used for begging, in exploiting undocumented labour? Let us not look the other way. There is greater complicity than we think. The issue involves everyone! This infamous network of crime is now well established in our cities, and many people have blood on their hands as a result of their comfortable and silent complicity.

for more info – aptireland.org