Catholic Primary Religious Education in a Pluralist Environment

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Schools, ZZ_All

Author Anne Hession discusses her guide for teachers, students and anyone with an interest in the role of religious education in Irish primary schools today.

Anne Hession has consolidated a vast wealth of academic thought, from both within the Catholic Church and the wider community, in order to consider the place of Catholic religious education in twenty-first century Ireland. The book deftly explores the most salient features of this topic from several perspectives, including the political, theological and educational; and ably demonstrates the ways in which Catholic religious education can not merely survive but flourish in a liberal, multicultural society.

Anne Hession is a lecturer in Religious Education at St Patrick’s College, Dublin, a linked college of Dublin City University. Her fields of academic research are in the Religious Education of children and the spirituality of children. She is coauthor with Patricia Kieran of Children, Catholicism and Religious Education (Veritas, 2005). She is co-editor with Patricia Kieran of Exploring Theology: Making Sense of the Catholic Tradition (Veritas, 2007).

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