Day for Life 2013 – Caring for Life

by | Oct 9, 2013 | ProLife, ZZ_All

Day for Life 2013

Day for Life is celebrated annually by the Catholic Church in Ireland, Scotland and England and Wales. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the dignity of life from conception to natural death.

This year’s Day for Life will be celebrated in Ireland on Sunday 6 October and will focus on the theme: Caring for Life.

This year’s message begins with the words of Pope Francis taken from a homily in 2005 on the Feast of the Patron Saint of expectant mothers and midwives, when His Holiness spoke simply and beautifully about what promoting a culture of life really means:

“Jesus teaches us to care for life because it is the image of God, who is absolute life. We cannot announce anything else but life, and from the beginning to the end. All of us must care for life, cherish life, with tenderness, warmth…… give life is to open (our) hearts for others…… Caring for life from the beginning to the end. What a simple thing, what a beautiful thing….So, go forth and don’t be discouraged. Care for life. It’s worth it!”

Day for Life 2013 will place particular focus on:

  • Care for unborn children and their mothers
  • Care for people who are elderly
  • Care for those who are suicidal and their families