Don Bosco Teenage Care – Breaking the Cycle

Since Don Bosco Teenage Care was founded in 1978, we have been gone about the business of helping young people in Dublin with little fanfare. Don’t confuse an absence of fanfare for a lack of legitimacy. The very nature of our work with teenagers makes promotion and publicity difficult.
 Privacy is a key component to the success of the Don Bosco Teenage Care, so although you won’t hear us on the radio, read about us in the newspaper or get pestered by our people as you walk down the street, our bricks, mortar and workers are sprinkled around the city and we are doing good work for deprived teenagers.
About the Author
The Salesians of Don Bosco are a religious congregation of Brothers and Priests . We were founded in 1859 by Saint John Bosco. There are currently almost 16,000 members (priests and brothers) in the congregation, working in 131 countries around the world.