Marriage and family Conference 2014 – Drama 3

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Art, Art Archive, Family, ZZ_All

This drama was the third in a set of four short dramas performed at the 2014 Conference organised by the Council for Marriage and the Family of the Irish Episcopal Conference.

The 2014 Conference was held in Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Dublin on 14th June under the title – Marriage and Family at the Heart of the Parish.

Drama Three – Granny has just moved in with her daughter, a move from rural to city. She wants the family to attend Mass for the Feast of the Assumption. There is a clear conflict with the religious ideology of the mother and her daughter, but a desire in the grand-daughter to give faith a try.

This drama examines how faith is handed on and the struggle between parents, children and grand-children to be true to themselves while respecting others.

  • Sarah – grandmother – played by Angela Mc Crossan
  • Katie – her daughter – played by Fiona O’ Donnell
  • Barry – Katies husband – played by Gerry Coyle
  • Rosie – their daughter (aged 14yrs) – played by Aoibheann Deighan