IEC2012 – Fr Dan Crosby OFM Cap

by | Jun 15, 2012 | ZZ_All

Fr Dan Crosby OFM Cap

Dan Crosby is a Capuchin Franciscan from the Province of St Joseph in the United States.

Ordained in 1964, Father Crosby has received advanced degrees in theology and spirituality. In addition to teaching, his life has been enriched by Native American and inner city ministry. Wherever he ministers, Dan integrates Scripture as well as the Franciscan vision into his life and preaching.

Dan has been a dynamic, well-received preacher and retreat master throughout North America for his entire priestly life.

Becoming the Eucharist we Celebrate

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Nothing is more precious to Catholics than the gift of the Eucharist. However, many Catholics believe Eucharist takes place only in church, on the altar. Basing himself on New Testament writings and early Christian tradition/liturgy, Fr. Dan will show this reveals a narrow, divorced-from-life approach to Eucharist. We Catholics need a conversion to the FULL Eucharist, to saying AMEN to “Becoming the Eucharist We Celebrate!”

Date of event Friday 15th June 2012