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Monday 11th – Friday 15th June 2012, 12.00 – 12.30 GMT did five programmes at IEC2012 that were streamed live on the internet, Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 12.30pm. The interviews took place on the balcony of the Main Exhibition Hall in the RDS (also known as Hall 1). The programme format consisted of interviewing three guests interspersed with some Congress News. The guests were a cross‐section of the speakers at the Congress along with some of the chief organisers.  The full workshops of most of our guests will also be available on

The interviews were conducted by Ms Brenda Drumm (working in a personal capacity) from the Catholic Communications Office (CCO) of the Irish Bishops Conference which is based in Maynooth. Brenda also hosts (again working in a personal capacity) her own radio programme on a local radio station (KFM) in Kildare. The camera crew consisted of Irish Dominicans and other Congress volunteers, headed up by Br Luuk Dominiek Jansen OP who designed the Congress app. One of the features of that app is that it takes Congress video content from

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Catholic Comment

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Based on the successful ‘Catholic Voices’ model which began in Britain in the run-­up to Pope Benedict’s visit in 2010, CATHOLIC COMMENT was established in early 2012 by a group of lay Catholics including Petra Conroy, Catriona Curran, Lorcán Price, Maura Garrihy and independent Senator Rónán Mullen.

“CATHOLIC COMMENT hopes to serve the Church and the media,” says coordinator Petra Conroy. “Our speakers will offer authoritative comment on news stories related to the Catholic Church, especially those issues which are often the source of debate or controversy in Irish media. We aim to shed light rather than heat. We will acommunicate our values very clearly while respecting the goodwill, sincerity and intelligence of others.”

The CATHOLIC COMMENT speakers were selected from more than 70 applicants from across Ireland. The panel includes a doctor, an expectant mother, a musician, a primary school teacher, an accountant, a barrister, an engineer, a radio presenter, a student and a parish pastoral worker. Details on the speakers are available at

While CATHOLIC COMMENT is an independent organisation, it has already received encouragement from several Church leaders. “A project like this could be a real blessing for the Church,” says Bishop Denis Brennan, co?chair of the Episcopal Commission for Communications.

“Though we are not an official body of the Catholic Church, we aim to support the Church’s own communications efforts by offering a team of well?informed lay people,” says Petra Conroy. “The Eucharistic Congress is a time of heightened interest in Catholicism. We are happy to assist journalists and the organisers of the Congress by providing people of faith who are available to speak in the media at short notice.”

The project is being set up as a charity and depends on donations to cover its expenses. Details on the CATHOLIC COMMENT bank account are available at and contributions can also be made via the website using Paypal.

To request a speaker, or for further information, please contact:

Petra Conroy, CATHOLIC COMMENT Coordinator
M: 086 416 2277