The Mercy Law Resource Centre (MLRC)

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Mercy Law Resource Centre

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Mercy Law Resource Centre is an independent law centre, set up by the Sisters of Mercy in 2009. It provides a free, quality and holistic legal service to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This includes people who are trying to move away from homelessness or are struggling with issues often linked to homelessness e.g. addiction, leaving prison, mental illness, relationship breakdown.

Centre Description

Mercy Law Resource Centre is a registered charity (CHY No: 18698) and company limited by guarantee not having a share capital (Co. Reg. 471072). The directors are Anne Doyle, Jo Kennedy, Ciara McGrath, George Moloney, Helena O’Donoghue, Deirdre Quigley, Patrick Stagg and Gerry Whyte.

Our staff include:

  • Rose Wall, Solicitor in Charge;
  • Bernie Wash, Solicitor;
  • Caitriona O’Hara, Administrator;
  • Denise Fitzgerald, Legal Secretary; and
  • Rita Ann Burke, Administrator/Fundraiser.

In addition, Mercy Law Resource Centre is assisted by a number of volunteers who work on various projects with the law centre. See Volunteering for further information.

The Services we provide

The Centre provides legal advice and representation to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the areas of Social Housing and Social Welfare Law. This service is available to persons from Dublin who are not already catered for by the Ballymun and Northside Community Law Centres. Our services include:

  • Free Legal Advice Clinics;
  • Legal Representation;
  • Legal & Training Resource to Homeless Organisations;
  • Policy Work;
  • Befriending.

How we provide our service:

We recognise that the legal system can be alienating and difficult and frustrating to negotiate. We aim to provide our clients with a service that is friendly and easy to access.

As part of our service, volunteers are available to befriend clients in order to accompany them and provide them with emotional support as they go through the difficult process of trying to assert their rights.

We also recognise that our clients may have a range of legal and other underlying problems which need to be addressed holistically. We are committed to helping clients identify these issues and to link in with other legal and support services as needed. Appropriate referrals are key to the service we provide.


Mercy Law Resource Centre operates out of an ethos which recognises the dignity of each person. We seek to ensure that all people are treated with respect and compassion and are enabled to access their full potential as human beings. We are committed to the principles of human rights, social justice, equality and community participation.