Where best to build the National Children’s Hospital

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Dr Jimmy Sheehan gives us his take on the very troubled plan for the National Children’s Hospital at the St James site and argues the merits of an alternative site.

Provision of Healthcare

Recently Pope Francis said that ‘health centers should always be places of life, where the sick and suffering are cared for both physically and spiritually.’

Up until recently, the Church had a major role in the provision and management of hospitals here in Ireland.   Much has changed but the Church still retains an obvious interest in how healthcare is provided in today’s society.

So we thought that it would be good to discuss what is happening with the new National Children’s Hospital Project.    It has been in the news because it has been revealed that the projected costs for the hospital has doubled to 1.7 billion euro and now the PWC review of the costs indicates it may go higher still.  So we invited , Dr Jimmy Sheehan, one of the very few experts in Ireland in hospital building, to give us his take on building National Children’s Hospital.