Particles of Faith (3) – Interview with Eddie Stone

by | Feb 2, 2013 | Faith Archive, Faith B, ZZ_All

No 3. – “I believe in God, who speaks”

A human person is a curious creature, always wanting to know everything, to touch and to learn. He or she doesn’t like just to trust, he or she wants to have a proof. It is no different when it comes to God’s existence and his love for us. When we study the history of redemption in the Old Testament we can see that God from the beginning spoke to the human person, so he or she can feel God’s presence.

God had used every possible way to approach man, to convince him/her that the path He proposes is the best and only way. Eddie Stones from Emmanuel House tells us a bit about his experience of God.

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This series of videos – entitled ‘Particles of Faith’ – will be hosted on iCatholic.