Particles of Faith (5) – Interview with Anne Sodden

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Faith Archive, Faith B, ZZ_All

No 5. – “I believe in Holy Spirit, Who Acts”

Some people are convinced that only what we can touch, see, measure, or photograph exists; everything else is more or less just an illusion or imagination. However, if we reflect for a moment on how we get to know the world, we will recognize that not all things, of which existence we know and we are certain, we discover in the same way.

The same is true about the Holy Spirit, who is a person, although without the body. We cannot see Him, hear Him or, we cannot use our senses to prove His existence, but that does not mean that He is not there and we can get to know Him if we deepen our faith.

He is the giver of strength, He enlightens our minds, enables us to discover the Truth.

This video is a short story of Anne, who was lucky to get to know Him…

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