2015 All-Ireland Schools Public Speaking Competition

Rathmore Grammar School from Belfast were the national winners of this competition for Secondary Schools organised by the Order of the Knights of St Columbanus.

Their topic was ‘Social Media – Friend or Foe’.

The All-Ireland final took place in the RDS Concert Hall, Dublin on 7th March.

The Order of the Knights of St Columbanus – Centenary Celebrations

The Public Speaking competition for Secondary schools on the island of Ireland was part of the Centenary Celebrations of the Order of the Knights of St Columbanus.

For more info see – www.knightsofstcolumbanus.ie







About The Author

The motto of the Order is: “To restore all things in Christ.”  The aim of the Knights is to maintain our country Christian in outlook, thought and action. To achieve this end we are guided by two principles of action. The first is the law of Charity. The second is the law of Justice.

Membership of the Order is open to Catholic males twenty one years and older.