Understanding the Mass – Ep 1 – The Sanctuary

This series exploring all aspects of the Mass begins with looking at the various parts of the Sanctuary.  Produced by the Knights of St Columbanus


For full series see – https://www.icatholic.ie/tag/understandingthemass/

Ep 1 – The Sanctuary
Ep 2 – Priests’ vestments
Ep 3 – Our Posture at Mass
Ep 4 – Introductory Rites
Ep 5 – Liturgy of the Word (Part 1)
Ep 6 – Liturgy of the Word (Part 2)
Ep 7 – Liturgy of the Eucharist (Part 1)

more to follow


About The Author

The motto of the Order is: “To restore all things in Christ.”  The aim of the Knights is to maintain our country Christian in outlook, thought and action. To achieve this end we are guided by two principles of action. The first is the law of Charity. The second is the law of Justice.

Membership of the Order is open to Catholic males twenty one years and older.