Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly on the World Meeting of Families 2018

by | Mar 4, 2017 | WMOF2018 Archive

Archbishop O’Reilly (Cashel & Emly) encourages people to get involved in WMOF 2018 and to support the National Church Collection on 1/2 April 2017.

Supporting WMOF 2018

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In Ireland, the Irish Bishop’s Conference will also be holding three national Sunday Church collections over the period of preparations before the event.

The second National collection takes place on the weekend of 1/2 April 2017.

We need your help to make the World Meeting of Families 2018 a success. Any donation that you are able to give will be most gratefully received and make a vital contribution to the success of the event.

Every contribution will be used for the organisation of WMOF2018 as the costs of running such a large programme are huge.

Your donation will help us access a great amount of materials and resources needed to plan and deliver it.

For example, from producing materials for the Catechetical Preparation Programme to purchasing of sacramental objects and vestments; from hosting this website to enabling people from all around the world to participate; from translation and interpretation services to acquiring identification uniforms for volunteers; from signage to transportation of speakers; from hiring of venues and sound systems to expenses of staff and planning services.

For more enquiries on donating please contact or call us at +353 1 567 6800. Thank you very much for supporting us.