Lough Derg : Island of Quiet Miracles

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Pilgrimage Archive

Rev Prof Eamonn Conway, author of a new about the Lough Derg pilgrimage, shares why he believes this sacred space is an island of quiet miracles.

Published by The Irish Catholic


Lough Derg: Island of Quiet Miracles leads the reader to an understanding of the spirituality and tradition of this ancient but ever new place of pilgrimage and why so many people, young and old alike, continue to journey to this place apart.

It is a must read about a pilgrimage that has the potential to transform your life: whether seeking answers to life’s questions, searching for direction or simply reflecting on life-changing decisions or giving thanks to God: the book itself through its engaging invitation to experience the unique gift that is Lough Derg, captures the often talked about magnetism of the island.