Pilgrimage Archive

2020 KandLe Pilgrimage to Knock on-line

Bishop Denis extends an invitation to join the Kandle Diocesan Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine on Trinity Sunday, 7th June. The ceremonies begin at 2.30pm via knockshrine.ie 

Mary meets James at the end of his pilgrimage

Friendships for life on Lough Derg. Mary meets James, first time pilgrim

Lough Derg New Year Message 2020

The Prior of Lough Derg, Monsignor La, shares his reflection on crossing over to the New Year

A Quiet Day on Lough Derg, Friday 6th September 2019

Fr La extends an invitation to the Quiet Day on Lough Derg on Friday 6th September 2019. This is a day without any formal programme and people can come and experience the quiet and stillness of this place. Lough Derg waits to make you welcome.

Final two weeks of Three Day Pilgrimage Season

Fr La Flynn, Prior of Lough Derg, extends a word of welcome to everyone who is planning their Three Day Pilgrimage over the remaining two weeks of the Three Day Pilgrimage Season.

Lough Derg Three Day Pilgrimage Season open

In our busy world, Lough Derg is committed to hold open a space for the less obvious things, time for the deeper self, time for prayer, time for God.

Young people and Lough Derg – Bishop Dónal

Bishop Dónal McKeown on how young people seek a challenge and how a Lough Derg pilgrimage provides them with a very unique challenge.

Easter Sunday

Our Lenten reflections with the crosses at Lough Derg bring us to this Easter Day to a cross in stainless steel on the lakeshore, at the end of the Lough Derg Pilgrim path and it inspires this Easter reflection.

Passion Sunday – Final week of Lent

Fr La offers this week’s Lenten reflection for Holy Week with the stunning 6ft Sanctuary Cross from St Patrick’s Basilica.

Lough Derg Lenten Reflections – Fifth Sunday of Lent

Fr La Flynn offers a Lenten Reflection on this fifth Sunday in Lent.

Lough Derg Lenten Reflections – Fourth Sunday of Lent

Welcome to the Lough Derg’s Lenten Reflection for the fourth Sunday in Lent, this week Fr La reflects on the cross at the centre of the penitential prayer beds.

Lough Derg Lenten Reflections – Third Sunday of Lent

The Pilgrim Cross Welcome once more to our Lenten reflections with the crosses at Lough Derg.

Lough Derg Lenten Reflections – St. Patrick’s Day

Welcome again to our Lenten reflections with the crosses at Lough Derg.  Our reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent is on the St Patrick’s Cross on Lough Derg 

Lough Derg Lenten Reflections – First Sunday of Lent

Welcome to our Lenten reflections with the crosses of Lough Derg. This first Sunday of Lent we focus on St Brigid’s Cross on the side wall of St Patrick’s Basilica.

Ash Wednesday Message from Lough Derg

This Ash Wednesday you are invited to join with Fr La today and in the coming weeks as pilgrims together on the Lenten journey.

Sanctuary of Lough Derg

Lough Derg | A place of pilgrimage from ancient Christian times, still offering sustenance, support and refreshment for the spirit in changing times.

The Prior, Fr La, shares his New Year message for 2019

Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Christmas Mystery is a mystery that is expressed in that heart-warming line: ‘The World was made flesh, and dwelt among us.’

Third Sunday of Advent

Now deep in the preparations and waiting for Christmas with little over a week to go. Mary McDaid shares her reflection on this third Sundayalso known as Gaudete Sunday where we light the pink candle on the Advent wreath. Many of you know Mary well from the Island a member of the Lough Derg team […]

Second Sunday of Advent

On this second Sunday of Advent writer Jim Deeds shares his reflection on this time of waiting – ‘coming out of the wilderness’. Jim reminds us that nothing is impossible with God.

First Sunday of Advent

‘Let Advent be Advent’ is our theme for our first Sunday of Advent reflection. This is from the book of the same title written by our good friend and member of the Three Day Pilgrimage pastoral team Fr Vincent Sherlock, published by messenger.ie. Over the course of the four Sunday’s of Advent we will share […]

Lough Derg – Putting the island to sleep for Winter hibernation

Fr La, Prior of Lough Derg, shares his memories of the 2018 Season as the Island of Lough Derg closes for the winter months. Season 2019 opens on 4th May 2019 for One Day Reteats and the Three Day Pilgrimage Season commences on Friday 31st May.

Time to Ponder

A reflection from the Prior of Lough Derg, Fr La Flynn, on the Pastoral Congress for the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland.

Just do it!

Pigrims share their story of the power of pilgrimage on Lough Derg.

Mary Meets Cian

Cian shares what many young pilgrims share with us - a family member is often the reason they find themselves on Lough Derg. For Cian it was his Grandmother ...

Fr La’s Easter message 2018

Fr La Flynn shares an Easter reflection from the Water’s Edge on Lough Derg.

St Patrick’s Day 2018

Fr La Flynn, Prior of Lough Derg, shares a little of the story of 'Patrick the Pilgrim' on the lakeshore of Station Island, Lough Derg.

Ollie on coming to Lough Derg for last 35 years

Ollie from Ennis speaks of his connection with Lough Derg which goes back over 35 years and involves all his family, his parish family and his boxing family.

New pilgrim guide to Lough Derg

Fr Eamonn Conway, author of a new book about the Lough Derg pilgrimage, shares why he believes this sacred space is an island of quiet miracles.

Lough Derg : Island of Quiet Miracles

Rev Prof Eamonn Conway, author of a new about the Lough Derg pilgrimage, shares why he believes this sacred space is an island of quiet miracles.

Irish pilgimage of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Fr Michael Cusack talks to us about the pilgrimage of the Icon to the Cathedrals of Ireland celebrating 150 Years of Redemptorist Devotion.

A Guide to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Trócaire

In this Trocaire film produced by iCatholic, pilgrims to the Holy Land are encouraged to connect with the 'living stones' and the work of peace building.

What Lourdes means to me

Standing where Bernadette saw Our Lady for the last time on 16 July 1858, Phil O'Reilly shares his deep attachment to Lourdes over nearly 50 years.

Lough Derg’s connection with Lourdes

Returning pilgrims Dave and Liam share how their refreshing Lough Derg experience echoes their experience in Lourdes.

Fore Abbey to Mullingar Cathedral Camino 2015

Pilgrims walked a 22km camino from Fore Abbey to Mullingar, which has a strong link with the Camino of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

Cuireann Pádraig focail ar an faoiseamh aigne atá le fáil anseo

A pilgrim shares some thoughts as gaeilge on the peace of mind that is one of the graces of a Lough Derg pilgrimage.

Solas Bhríde – unfolding the legacy of St Brigid

A guided tour around the new Solas Bhríde Centre and hermitages in Kildare which will be officially opened and blessed as 2015 Feile Bhride begins.

Modern day Bethlehem – supporting the ‘living stones’

Garry Walsh from Trócaire discusses the plight of modern day Bethlehem and an upcoming Trócaire resource for pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Pilgrim Scéal – the Lough Derg package

Art McCarthy speaks about how the "Lough Derg package" supports him through the three days and sustains him through the year.

Pilgrim Scéal – planning return to Lough Derg with friends

Having finished their pilgrimage, Sean and Leo share how they plan to invite some friends to come with them to Lough Derg next year.

Pilgrim Scéal – Derry youth pilgrims on Lough Derg

Fr Brendan Collins relates how young pilgrims from Derry lifted other pilgrims while benefiting from the pilgrimage themselves.

Pilgrim Scéal – Finding out why you came to Lough Derg

You don't always need a clear reason to come to Lough Derg as during the pilgrimage you can discover the reason why you needed to come.

Pilgrim Scéal – Bishop Donal McKeown

Bishop Donal McKeown on completion of his pilgrimage explores three significant aspects of Lough Derg.

Lough Derg as a ‘spritual home’ – Prior

Prior Owen McEneaney speaks of Lough Derg as a "spiritual home" for many and invites viewers to "come as you are to a quiet place and rest a while"!

Pilgrim Scéal – Malachi Cush on the calm of Lough Derg

Malachi Cush sees Lough Derg not just in terms of the pilgrimage exercises but also in terms of bringing the sense of calm and peace from Lough Derg to his daily schedule.

Limerick Diocesan Pilgimage to Lourdes – 2014

Quoting St Bernadette, Bishop Brendan Leahy offers a brief reflection as the 2014 Limerick Diocesan Pilgrimage prepares to depart Lourdes.

Pilgrim Scéal – We discovered Lough Derg via Google

Jacob from Boston and Nicole from Florida found Lough Derg via Google and discovered even more when they arrived for their three days on the island.

Salus Infirmorum – Our Lady, Health of the Sick

In Lourdes, the hospital pilgrim finds receives the grace and strength to carry their illness with dignity, courage and hope.

Holy Land Co-ordination visit 2014 – Bishop Denis Nulty

Bishop Nulty urges pilgrim groups to connect with the local church - the living stones - while in the Holy Land.

Doing the Lough Derg pilgrimage for their dad

Nicola, Michael and Grainne from Donegal explain that they have undertaken the Lough Derg pilgrimage for their first time for their Dad Brendan.

The new Prior of Lough Derg – Fr Owen McEneaney

Fr Owen McEneaney speaks about his move from Monaghan to Lough Derg to take up the role of Prior to St Patrick’s Purgatory.

Don Bosco’s Relic visit to Pallaskenry – Photo memories.

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to the Salesian College in Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick on 1st March 2013.

Pilgrim Scéal – I discovered Lough Derg via Ireland’s Own

Kathleen from Manchester explains that she was prompted to go to Lough Derg for first time after reading an article in Ireland's Own.

Exploring Westmeath’s monastic heritage and Camino links

Fr Michael Kilmartin explores some ancient monastic sites and explains the link with the Camino de Santiago.

Camino from Fore Abbey to Mullingar Cathedral

An invitation to join a 22km walk from Fore Abbey to Mullingar Cathedral that will bring the Spanish "camino" to Westmeath.

Pilgrim Scéal – the Irish monastic tradition

In this bilingual interview Bishop Brendan Kelly reflects on the Lough Derg pilgrimage has deep roots in the Irish monastic tradition.

Pilgrim Scéal – tá Dia linn inár ocras

Bishop Brendan Kelly affirms - as gaeilge - that God is with us in our hunger and poverty when we abstain and walk the pilgrim way.

Pilgrim Scéal – an engaged couple on Lough Derg

Mark and Martha from Longford share their pilgrim experience on Lough Derg over the course of three days which they undertook following a pre-marriage course.

Pilgrim Scéal – with Charlie from Cavan on Lough Derg

Charlie Glackin reflects on how Lough Derg is a place of spiritual strength for pilgrims and allows body and spirit to 'tune in' to each other.

Pilgrim Scéal – Prior Richard Mohan on his own pilgrimage

The Prior of Lough Derg, Richard Mohan, shares some personal insights and memories as he prepares to undertake the Lough Derg pilgrimage that he first undertook in 1961.

Pilgrim Scéal – a staff insight into Lough Derg

Marie and Emmet share their experience of working at Lough Derg and how undertaking a pilgrimage gave them an insight into what other staff do for pilgrims.

Pilgrim Scéal – the pace of the Lough Derg pilgrimage

Fr Declan Shannon shares how the Lough Derg pilgrimage has its own special pace, which is very much about slowing down in body and spirit.

Trócaire and World Youth 2013 in Brazil

Hannah Evans explains how Trócaire is involved with 17 Irish pilgrims attending World Youth 2013 in Brazil and the link with their JustFaith programme.

Frank and James – brothers on vigil in Lough Derg

Two brothers Frank and James from Dublin describe their hopes for children and fiancée on the second day of their Lough Derg pilgrimage.

Pilgrim Scéal – from Killybegs to Brisbane via Lough Derg

Tom Galway from Brisbane, Australia shares his memory of his 1956 pilgrimage and his sense of the quietness, love and respect which the island atmosphere commands.

Pilgrim Scéal – Occupational Therapists on pilgrimage

Three occupational therapists from Derry, Armagh and Tyrone describe their motivation for making their pilgrimage again this year. Michelle takes a moment to describe her mistakes of last year...

Pilgrim Scéal – a Lough Derg promise

Kathleen Rice and Seamus Gallagher share how they made a promise to do the Lough Derg pilgrimage together annually.

Waterford pilgrim on her annual Lough Derg pilgrimage

Rosarie Shanahan from Waterford reflects on her annual pilgrimage to the island which she describes as 'time out'.

Supporting fellow pilgrims and family at home

Martin Kearney speaks about his experience of the Lough Derg pilgrimage, the support between fellow pilgrims and how it includes the prayers intentions of those at home.

Lough Derg and Camino de Santiago

Hugh McGrath, a Waterford pilgrim, traces a similar pattern to both the three day pilgrimage to Lough Derg and the Camino de Santiago.

Don Bosco’s Relic visit to Southill – Photo memories.

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to Holy Family Church, Southill, Co Limerick on 28th February 2013.

Don Bosco’s Relics in Milford, Limerick – Photo memories

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to Our Lady Help of Christians Church, Milford, Limerick on 27th February 2013.

Don Bosco’s Relic Pilgrimage – Portlaoise Photos

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to Portlaoise Parish Church on 26th February 2013.

Photo Memories of Don Bosco’s Relic Pilgrimage to Ireland – Ballinakill

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to Ballinakill, Co Laois on 26th February 2013.

Photo Memories of Don Bosco’s Relic Pilgrimage to Ireland – Celbridge

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to Salesian College and Parish Church Celbridge on 25th February 2013.

Photo Memories of Don Bosco’s Relic Pilgrimage to Ireland – Maynooth

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to St Catherine's Salesian and Lay Community, Maynooth on 24-25th February 2013.

Photo Memories of Don Bosco’s Relic Pilgrimage to Ireland – Crumlin

A look back at images from the visit of the Don Bosco relic to St Agnes Church, Crumlin on 23rd & 24th February 2013 which included Mass celebrated by the Papal Nuncio.

Celebrating St Patrick in Notre Dame – Homily

The homily given by Monsignor Brendan Byrne at a special Mass in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris on 16 March 2013 to celebrate St Patrick.

Fr Pat Hogan on Don Bosco Relic Pilgrimage

Fr Pat Hogan talks about his experience with Salesians, Salesian Spirituality and work in Ireland, and expresses his excitement around the visit of Don Bosco's Relic to his Parish in Southill, Limerick.

Sr Dympna invites you to join in Don Bosco pilgrimage

Sr Dympna Clancy (Salesians) invites everybody to join the pilgrimage of Don Bosco's Relic to Ireland which takes place from 23rd Feb to 7th March 2013

The Lord’s Day in Lourdes – a pilgrim people gather

Meath Pilgrims in communion with Christ and with one another on Sunday at the International Mass in the Underground Basilica in Lourdes

Blessed Sacrament Procession – Lourdes

Filmed during the 2012 Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. 800 pilgrims travelled including 200 hospital pilgrims.

Irish memorial Cross in Lourdes

Irish pilgrims have travelled in large groups to Lourdes since 1913. Bishop Michael recounts some of the stories of the first pilgrimages including the first overland Meath pilgrimage.

Meath Lourdes Pilgrimage 2012 Photo and Anointing of the Sick

Pilgrimage Photo & Anointing of the Sick

Torchlight Procession in Lourdes

Torchlight Procession - the Light of Christ, our candles held high as we invoke our Lady's help and strength.

Praying the Way of the Cross – Lourdes 2012

Fr Brendan Corrigan and Fr Stan Deegan praying the Way of the Cross with Meath pilgrims in Lourdes.

Peace be with you

A lovely moment at the Sign of Peace among young pilgrims on the 2012 Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

God’s unconditional love

Watch Fr Joseph Campbell’s homily during the Holy Hour in the Underground Basilica - part of the 2012 Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Prayer during illness

Speaking in Lourdes, Bishop Michael Smith reflects that it can be very difficult to pray when we are sick and points people to the Rosary which he describes as a simple but very profound prayer.

IEC2012 – Eucharistic Procession

The Eucharistic Procession of the International Eucharistic Congress 2012.

IEC2012 – what pilgrims can expect

This video provides an insight into the upcoming International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin and what pilgrims can expect.