Pilgrim Scéal – Malachi Cush on the calm of Lough Derg

Malachi Cush see Lough Derg not just in terms of the pilgrimage exercises but also in terms of bringing the sense of calm and peace from Lough Derg to his daily schedule.

Malachi is a well known face to many in Northern Ireland from his career as a Singer/Songwriter, Television and Radio presenter.

For more info – www.loughderg.org

About The Author

Lough Derg in County Donegal is a living place of pilgrimage with an ancient tradition. Legend and history intertwine in the emergence of St Patrick’s Purgatory as a famous pilgrimage destination on the very edge of medieval Europe. Each summer thousands still come to Lough Derg – some taking off their shoes to make the challenging Three Day Pilgrimage, others to find welcome time apart on a One Day Retreat.