Pilgrim Scéal – Malachi Cush on the calm of Lough Derg

Malachi Cush see Lough Derg not just in terms of the pilgrimage exercises but also in terms of bringing the sense of calm and peace from Lough Derg to his daily schedule.

Malachi is a well known face to many in Northern Ireland from his career as a Singer/Songwriter, Television and Radio presenter.

For more info – www.loughderg.org

About The Author

St Patrick’s Purgatory at Lough Derg in County Donegal has been a place of prayer and welcome since the sixth century. Monastic hospitality and robust prayer in the Irish monastic tradition is offered to those who “make the pilgrimage” in their bare feet, keeping vigil and eating one simple meal for three days during the pilgrimage season.