Pamoja – Trócaire’s Transition Year Human Rights Module

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Pamoja Kwa Haki – Transition Year Human Rights Module

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Pamoja Kwa Haki means ‘Together for Rights’ and that’s exactly what it’s about. It’s about young people who are concerned and passionate about human rights, coming together to create awareness and mobilise people to act in the defence and promotion of Human Rights. Using creative and innovative means, you have the ability to reach out to your peers, your school and beyond to support Trócaire in working for a Just World.

The Pamoja project is a Development Education project developed in conjunction with Trócaire’s annual priority campaigns. Pamoja groups explore and research a case study, undertake actions to raise awareness and celebrate and evaluate their achievements.

Pamoja is founded on the principles of

P – Participation

A – Analysis

M – Multiple points of view

O – Outside the box!

J – Justice

A – Action

What does a Pamoja project involve?

Pamoja Group

• Research, prepare and design a project based on Trocaire’s case study

• Hold regular meetings to plan and co-ordinate your project

• Present this project to your peers, school community and beyond

• To prepare for and host Trócaire representatives if they visit your school

• Evaluate and reflect on what you have learned and experienced by completing the project and the online questionnaire and reflections at regional days.

• Participate in and attend a celebration day. This will allow time for celebration, networking and reflection on the whole Pamoja project.

Trócaire Education Team

The Trócaire Education team will:

(1) run a Pamoja teacher training day in September.

(2) support teachers through the Yammer network, Trócaires internal communication network.

(3) support through phone and email during the academic year.

  •  Information on a case study will be sent in September, on the lenten theme and county focus.
  • A Trócaire visitor from overseas may visit your school during the academic year to support your own campaign and to give you a special and personal insight into their life, work and country.
  • A Trócaire Pamoja ‘Certificate of Achievement’ will be presented to you on completion of your project and Trócaire report in recognition of your commitment to justice, peace and human rights.