Trócaire Lenten Appeal 2021 – This Lent is different

The annual Trócaire Lenten appeal has been running for nearly 50 years and while this Lent is different the call to charity remains

Lent 2021 Parish Talk – Caoimhe de Barra, Trócaire CEO

Caoimhe de Barra shares her reflections on the 2021 Trócaire Lenten appeal which highlights the impact of conflict on people's lives in South Sudan

Season of Creation 2019 – Jane Mellett

"I think we all need to pray that our world leaders are courageous enough to make this happen" Jane Mellett discusses the call for climate action at the UN

Trócaire Lenten Campaign 2018

Colm Hogan, Julie Kavanagh and Siobhan Tighe discuss their recent visit to Matome, Sierra Leone where families are recovering from a devastating mudslide.

Trócaire Romero Family Award

Hannah Evans from Trócaire explains how this award helps families learn about the lives of other families around the world ahead of WMOF2018.

Oscar Romero – the making of a saint

Learn about the saintly virtues of Oscar Romero, his enduring homilies and his heroic defence of the poor along with the progress of the cause for his canonisation. 

Oscar Romero Animation

A short animation explaining the life, martyrdom and legacy of Blessed Oscar Romero courtesy of the Archbishop Romero Trust.

Oscar Romero Garden – St Patrick’s College Maynooth

Address by Sally O'Neill at the opening of this lasting tribute to Blessed Oscar Romero martyred in El Salvador  in 1980

The Lent story 2017 – Trócaire

The family pictured on this year’s Trócaire box are from a village in Honduras that faces regular flooding from storms and rising sea levels.

Trócaire – Bishops visit to Zimbabwe Nov 2016

Bishop Denis Nulty (Kildare & Leighlin Diocese) gives us a first-hand account of his recent visit to various Trocaire projects in Zimbabwe.

The Burning Question – Trócaire

This half hour documentary features climate change activists in Malawi and Malawian farmers affected by the food crisis and some of the leaders of the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Migration – the moral challenge of our time

Peter Sutherland delivered the 2016 Trócaire Lecture titled 'Migration - the moral challenge of our time' in Maynooth on 19th May 2016.

Vote for Justice in 2016

Emmet Sheerin discusses the 'Vote Joseph Bloggs' video that Trocaire has released to help highlight climate justice as an election issue.

Trócaire on progress of COP21

Lorna Gold from Trocaire​ reviews the progress to date of the UN summit in Paris which is seeking a New Global Climate Agreement - including a review of the Irish contribution.

Trocaire on UN Sustainable Development Goals

Eamon Meehan and Lorna Gold recently discuss the new development agenda of the UN that is intended to build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

A Guide to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Trócaire

In this Trocaire film produced by iCatholic, pilgrims to the Holy Land are encouraged to connect with the 'living stones' and the work of peace building.

Study Guide to Laudato Si – Eamon Meehan

Address by Eamon Meehan, Director of Trócaire at launch of a Study Guide to the recent encyclical by Pope Francis on the care of our common home.

Amy Colgan @ Climate Justice Conference

Amy Colgan speaking at the recent 'Meeting the Challenge of Climate Justice from Evidence to Action' conference in Maynooth.

Gaza – One Year On

This Trócaire video highlights the lack of accountability for the loss of life, including hundreds of children, in Gaza last year and the struggle to rebuild.

Climate Justice Conference 2015 – Recap Day One

Sean Farrell from Trocaire gives a recap of the first day at the recent Climate Justice Conference held in Maynooth.

Climate Justice Conference – Mary Robinson

Keynote address by Mary Robinson at the recent 'Meeting the Challenge of Climate Justice: From Evidence to Action' conference.

Have you ever broken a promise?

A Trócaire video highlighting the fact that Ireland broke its promise to spend 0.7% of national income on overseas aid.

Trócaire Nepal Earthquake relief update

Conor O'Loughlin of Trócaire reports from a district in Nepal where 80% of houses are damaged or destroyed. Trócaire is aiming to reach 175,000 people with support.

Blessed Oscar Romero – The Trócaire Connection

Sally O'Neill recalls her encounters with Archbishop Romero and how Trócaire helped fund his work for justice and his famous radio broadcasting.

Blessed Oscar Romero – his life and legacy (2)

In this second part of a two part ‘A Question of Faith’ special, a panel of guests reflect on the legacy and beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero

Trócaire – Lent 2015 and Climate Justice

An in-depth discussion about this year's Lenten campaign and why Trócaire is highlighting the need for climate justice.

2015 Trócaire Lenten Lecture – edited version

10 minute edit of Cardinal Turkson's lecture - “Integral ecology and the horizon of hope: concern for the poor and for creation in the ministry of Pope Francis”

2015 Trócaire Lenten Lecture – Lorna Gold

Lorna Gold gives the formal response to the 2015 Trócaire Lenten Lecture by Cardinal Peter Turkson on Integral ecology.

Cardinal Turkson on Trócaire and care for creation

Cardinal Peter Turkson shares some thoughts on Trócaire's work on climate justice and how care of the earth has a spiritual value for Christians.

2015 Trócaire Lenten Lecture – Cardinal Peter Turkson

The title of Cardinal Turkson's lecture was “Integral ecology and the horizon of hope: concern for the poor and for creation in the ministry of Pope Francis”

Trócaire Lent 2015 livestream to Primary Schools

Watch back the 30 min livestream by Trócaire for primary schools on the 2015 Lenten campaign and the issue of climate justice.

The Story of Mahlet’s Community – Trócaire Lent 2015

Mahlet (13) is the girl on this year's Trócaire Box. Learn how Trocaire is working to help her community adapt to climate change.

Drop in the Ocean? Ireland and Climate Change

A 30 min documentary from Trócaire which includes contributions from Ireland’s leading environmental scientists, writers and activists.

Fighting to farm – Trócaire Lent 2015 TV AD

The Trócaire TV AD for Lent 2015 shows the struggle for Mahlet's family and community to adapt to climate change.

Trócaire Box App

Find out about this app which allows you design and customise your own virtual Trócaire box and share online.

Climate Change explained – Trócaire Lent 2015

What is climate change and why is it happening? Join CJ the bee to find out in this schools video from Trócaire.

Prezi slideshow of Trócaire Lent 2015

This video uses a Prezi slideshow to explain how Mahlet's community in Northern Ethiopia are struggling with climate change.

There is no Planet B – Act now on Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest injustice of our time. People in the developing world, who are doing least to cause climate change, are suffering the most because of it.

Trócaire Poster Competition winners

Lydia McCarthy interviews the Letterkenny winners of the 2014 Trocaire poster competition. Their poster is now in every Primary school in the country.

Trócaire workshop for Primary Schools on Climate Justice

Lydia McCarthy from Trócaire conducts a workshop on climate justice for the pupils of Illistrin National School in Letterkenny

Fr Derek Leonard on Trócaire Lent 2015

Fr Derek Leonard from Limerick Diocese shares his memories of his recent trip to Ethiopia to witness first-hand the work that this year's Trocaire box is funding.

Modern day Bethlehem – supporting the ‘living stones’

Garry Walsh from Trócaire discusses the plight of modern day Bethlehem and an upcoming Trócaire resource for pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Survivors – domestic violence in Nicaragua

Survivors tells the powerful stories of two women who have survived domestic violence in Nicaragua and how Trocaire is helping...

Trócaire Gift of a School Kit

Your gift of a school kit will help Trócaire’s work to ensure children enjoy the basic human right of an education.

The Cry of the Earth relaunched by Irish Bishops Conference

Dr Lorna Gold discusses the relaunch of the Cry of the Earth and the pastoral resource (Glas) that Trócaire has published to supplement it.

Faith in Action: Trócaire and the future of the Church in Ireland

Talk by Trócaire Executive Director Éamonn Meehan at Conference hosted by The Irish Catholic and sponsored by Trócaire on 4th Oct 2014.

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) in 3 minutes

All of Trócaire's work, in Ireland as well as overseas, is informed by Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Watch this 3 min intro to CST.

Trócaire at National Ploughing Championships 2014

Trócaire Director Éamonn Meehan invites all attending the Ploughing to visit stand 372 where Kildare & Leighlin Diocese is hosting Trócaire.

Trócaire – Your Support at Work 2013-2014

Learn about the impact and difference your support has made in the countries where Trócaire works, as well as the great achievements of their supporters in Ireland.

Bar Stool Soapbox – Climate Change

This summer Trócaire brought a barstool into Dublin city centre and asked people for their thoughts on climate change.

Trócaire Gaza Appeal – August 2014

Trócaire is appealing for your support for their efforts to deliver emergency aid to Gaza and their work towards a just peace in the region.

Sundays of Sorrow: Inside Medellín’s War

'Maria' tells her incredible story, how she suffered at the hands of vicious drug gangs in Medellín and how Trocaire has assisted her and women like her.

Taking Power Back: Colombian Farmers Speak Out

Small farmers have been caught in the middle of Colombia's civil war for decades. Today, they are beginning to speak up. Video by Trocaire.

Trócaire’s Somalia Education Programme

Our Education programme in Gedo, Somalia is running since 2011 from money from an Emergency Appeal. Funds are fast depleting so we urgently need to raise €500,000 for 15 schools.

Let the Devil Sleep: Rwanda 20 Years After Genocide

Let the Devil Sleep is the story of four individual's unlikely journey of confession, forgiveness and reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda.

Trócaire Lenten Campaign 2014 – Bishop William Crean

Bishop William Crean, Bishop of Cloyne, describes meeting Enestina, the young girl on the 2014 Trócaire box in Malawi.

Water has no enemy – water as a human right

In this extract from the 2014 Trócaire Lenten Lecture, Fr Orobator asserts that access to fresh water is a universal and inalienable human right.

Trócaire Lenten Lecture 2014 – Water has no Enemy

See full lecture delivered by Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ in which he highlighted that water needs to understood not as a commodity but part of the common good.

Trócaire Lenten campaign 2014 – Primary Schools Livestream

Watch back this half hour programme for Primary Schools introducing the 2014 Lenten campaign.

Trócaire Lenten campaign 2014 – OnLine Ad

Worldwide, 783 million people do not have access to clean, safe water. This year's Trócaire Lent Campaign is about the global water crisis.

Trócaire Poster Competition Winners 2013

The 2013 winners explain the meaning behind their poster which is on display now in all our schools during Lent 2014. Find out how to enter this year.

Trócaire Lenten Campaign 2014 – Junior Primary

Watch and learn about the daily routine of Enestina from Malawi who is featured on the 2014 Trócaire box - for junior primary students.

Trócaire Poetry Competition 2013 – Children Winners

Two of the winners in the children's category in the 2013 Trocaire / Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition

Trócaire Gift of Water

Your gift of water is, quite simply, the gift of life. Your thoughtful gift will fund water projects in the world’s poorest places.

Trócaire Gift of Safe Motherhood

Your thoughtful gift of safe motherhood will provide essential training for midwives to safely deliver babies and deal with emergency situations in Somalia.

Trócaire Gift of Legal Aid

Your thoughtful gift of legal aid will help in the search for family members lost during the war. It will also support the gathering of evidence to prosecute war criminals.

Trócaire Gift of a House

Your thoughtful gift will provide a secure, dry home and provide proper roofing materials for people who can’t afford repair costs.

Trócaire Gift of Support to Grandparents

Your thoughtful gift will help these very special and loving grandparents provide a secure and happy environment for their grandchildren.

Trócaire Gift of a Goat

Your thoughtful gift of a goat can do much more than provide food and an income for a family in need.

Trócaire Gift of Birth Cert

Your thoughtful gift is a gift of identity, recognition and proof of date and place of birth.

Trócaire Gift of Chicks

Your thoughtful gift of chicks will provide eggs, a daily source of nutrition. They can be sold in local markets too, providing a helpful source of income.

Éamonn Meehan – new Trócaire Director

Éamonn Meehan first joined Trócaire staff in 1991. In 2002, Éamonn was appointed Deputy Director and Head of Trócaire’s Ireland Division.

National Church Collection for Syria and Philippines

Éamonn Meehan, Trócaire Director,explains that the National Church Collection on 16/17th Nov is now to be shared between Syria and Philippines.

Food Not Fuel – Aidan Gillen with Trócaire in Guatemala

Aidan Gillen travels to Guatemala with Trócaire where he learns how European demand for biofuels is resulting in land grabs, higher food prices and hunger.

Pamoja – Trócaire’s Transition Year Human Rights Module

This programme has been designed by Trócaire to help students to undertake actions to raise awareness of human rights issues in the developing world.

Just Faith Programme – Kate

Kate - JustFaith interview. JustFaith is a programme for young adults devised by Trócaire, in cooperation with the Office of Evangelisation and Ecumenism in the Archdiocese of Dublin, for use in parishes and other local pastoral contexts.

Just Faith Programme – Liam

JustFaith is a programme for young adults devised by Trócaire, in cooperation with the Office of Evangelisation and Ecumenism in the Archdiocese of Dublin, for use in parishes and other local pastoral contexts.

JustFaith – Up to Us campaign

John Smith, Trócaire Campaigns Coordinator, explains how those following the JustFaith programme can take action via the Trócaire Up to US campaign

JustFaith – Christians called to care for the earth

Hannah Evans, a Trócaire Church officer, on the Christian view of creation and explains how people can take action on the issue of climate change through their local church.

JustFaith – Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Joanne McGarry, Campaigns Officer with Trocaire, explains how climate change is undermining past progress in the developing world and the need for urgent action.

Trócaire and World Youth 2013 in Brazil

Hannah Evans explains how Trócaire is involved with 17 Irish pilgrims attending World Youth 2013 in Brazil and the link with their JustFaith programme.

Pamoja – exercise about global wages

A powerful learning exercise for students about global wages. Pamoja Kwa Haki meaning ‘Together for Rights’ in Swahili is Trócaire’s long term human rights programme in post primary schools.

Trócaire And Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition 2013

Trish Groves from Trócaire speaking at the 2013 Poetry Competition awards ceremony highlights the power of words in the work for justice.

Trócaire Poetry Competition 2013 – Get Married My Daughter

Watch a perfomance of the poem - Get Married My Daughter - from Zimbabwe at the 2013 Trócaire / Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition Awards.

Trócaire Poetry Competition – Poems from Zimbabwe

Watch the performance of five poems from Zimbabwe at the 2013 Trócaire / Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition Awards.

Climate Change – Prof John Sweeney

Professor John Sweeney, a leading expert on climate change, challenges this generation of young people not to repeat the mistakes of his generation in caring for the earth.

Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic NGOs

Suzanne Mulligan gives a brief overview of key concepts in Catholic Social Teaching and their relevance to Trocaire and other Catholic NGOs

Trócaire at 40 – Trócaire in Somalia

Rosemary Heenan, Horn & East Africa Regional Manager, looks back at the history of Trócaire's work in Somalia.

Trócaire at 40 – Jestina Mukoko (ZPP)

Jestina Mukoko, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), addresses the recent staff celebration in Maynooth for Trócaire’s 40th anniversary.

Mary Sweeney memories of 1994 Rwanda genocide

Mary Sweeney shares some powerful memories of her field work for Trócaire in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

Trócaire at 40 – conclusions from 40th anniversary conference

Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, sums up what he sees as the conclusions from Trócaire's 40th anniversary conference.

Trócaire at 40 – Frank La Rue (UN)

Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, addresses the recent staff celebration in Maynooth for Trócaire’s 40th anniversary.

Trócaire at 40 – a tribute to partnership with Trócaire

Dr. Racheal Raykumari explains how partnership with Trócaire has helped to advance local projects in Odisha, India.

Trócaire at 40 – Justin Kilcullen pays tribute to partners

Justin Killcullen pays tribute to the partners - the network of professional locally-based organisations - with which Trócaire work in the developing world.

Trócaire at 40 – Justin Kilcullen

Justin Kilcullen, Executive Director of Trócaire, addresses the recent staff celebration in Maynooth for Trócaire’s 40th annversary.

Trócaire at 40 – Dr Racheal Rakumari

The full address given by Dr. Racheal Raykumari, Executive Secretary of WORD, Odisha India, at the recent staff celebration in Maynooth for Trócaire's 40th annversary.

Trócaire Poetry – History of the World by Clare O’Reilly

Clare O'Reilly reads her poem - History of the World - at a special Trócaire staff gathering in Maynooth as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations

Rediscovering Mercy and Trócaire Together programmes

Hannah Evans and Fr Padraig Shelley discuss two Trócaire programmes designed to help people engage with Justice principles and to develop a direct connection with a community in a developing country.

Trócaire Lecture 2013 – 40 years

Brother Philip Pinto cfc reflects on the biblical significance of the number 40 on the occasion of Trócaire’s 40th anniversary. Full 45 minute recording also available.

Trócaire Lecture 2013 – Conclusion

The concluding remarks of the lecture delivered by Brother Philip Pinto cfc on the occasion of Trócaire’s 40th anniversary. Full 45 minute recording also available.

Trócaire Lecture 2013 – Br Philip Pinto cfc (full)

Watch the full 45 minute lecture delivered by Brother Philip Pinto cfc - Who is my neighbour? Building a 'civilisation of love' in an unequal world

Trócaire Lent Ad 2013

Trocaire's 2013 Lent TV ad thanks our supporters for helping to transform and empower an impoverished community in Odisha, India.

Trócaire Lent 2013 – Religious Education

Watch and learn about community life and the Paraja people in Odisha, India where Trócaire works.

Trócaire Lent 2013 – Senior Primary

Watch and learn about Ambika Paraja's daily routine and life in her community in Odisha, India where Trócaire works.

Trócaire Lent 2013 – Junior Primary

Watch and learn about Ambika Paraja's daily routine and life in her community in Odisha, India (Trócaire)

Empowered – Trocaire Lent Campaign 2013

Trocaire's 40th anniversary Lent campaign focuses on a community in Odisha, India. With Trócaire's help it has worked to gain support from the government to build a road, a school and to ensure families have clean drinking water.

Trócaire Lenten Campaign 2013 – Fr Padraig Shelley

A reflection by Fr Padraig Shelley after his recent visit to the community of Jhilligoan in India which is the focus of this year's Lenten campaign.

Fatima Institute – Trócaire partner in Sierra Leone

A short film on the governance and human rights work of the Fatima Institute in Sierra Leone.

The Gift of a Goat in Malawi

Edesi Flyton talks about the impact the gift of a goat had on her family. Find out how you buy a gift of change this Christmas.

IEC2012 – Trócaire workshop

The Trócaire workshop at IEC2012 featured inputs from Trócaire partners and a reflection from Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga President of Caritas Internationalis.

IEC2012 live – Nalule Cissy Kagimu

Nalule Cissy Kagimu from the Ugandan Bishops Conference attended IEC2012 as a guest of Trócaire. She discusses a Domestic Violence prevention programme which Trócaire and the Bishops Conference has developed.

IEC2012 live – Flora Aling

Flora Aling works for one of Trócaire’s partner organisations - YOMU - in Northern Uganda which was the focus the 2012 Trócaire Lenten campaign. Flora was a speaker at Trócaire’s workshop at IEC2012.

IEC2012 live – Justin Kilcullen

Justin Kilcullen, Director of Trocaire, discusses the Trocaire workshop at IE2012 and the on-going work of justice.

Hope is here- Trocaire in Uganda

Give it up for Trócaire 2012

Emmanuel, 15, from Barlonyo, northern Uganda is the face of this year’s Give it up for Trócaire campaign. Watch this short video about his life.

Trócaire – Demand a Future of Hope

Trócaire seeks to address the root causes of poverty facing northern Ugandans. One of these causes is a lack of investment in agriculture and support for small-scale farmers. Ask your government representative to support farmers like Daniel's parents, Joel and Betty.

Trócaire – rebuilding communities for lasting change

Hannah Evans, Church Officer for Trócaire, introduces us to the young boy from Uganda, Daniel Okweng, who is featured on this year's Trócaire box and his parents Joel and Betty.

Trócaire – Interview with Daniel’s mother (Post Primary)

Daniel Okweng (9) from Uganda is the young boy on the 2012 Trocaire box. This video for schools features Daniel's mother, Betty, talking about Daniel.

Trócaire – Daniel’s village (Senior Cycle)

Daniel Okweng (9) from Uganda is the young boy on the 2012 Trocaire box. This video for schools introduces us to daily life in Daniel's village.

Trócaire – Daniel’s Day (Junior Cycle)

Daniel Okweng (9) from Uganda is the young boy on the 2012 Trócaire box. This video for schools introduces us to Daniel.

Trócaire Lenten Lecture 2012

Justin Kilcullen, Director of Trócaire, highlights the importance of helping communities rebuild after conflict. Together with Archbishop Odama from Uganda, he thanks the Irish people for their on-going generosity to and solidarity with the world's poor.

Trócaire in Uganda – working together

Bishop Joseph Franzelli on how Trócaire works with local people to help them address the needs of their communities. Bishop Franzelli (Lira Diocese) is the local Bishop of the area featured on this year's Trócaire box.

Trócaire’s Solar Lamp Global Gift in Uganda

In this video from the Lira region in Northern Uganda, we see and hear about the value of the Solar Lamp, one of Trócaire's recent Global gifts.