Pilgrim Scéal – Prior Richard Mohan on his own pilgrimage

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Lough Derg, Pilgrimage Archive, ZZ_All

Pilgrim Prior

Prior Richard Mohan first made the pilgrimage in 1961.
Making the pilgrimage will allow him the opportunity of “getting off side”.  Instead of ministering to people, he will be able to take part in the pilgrimage while other members of staff lead him and his fellow pilgrims in the pilgrimage exercises.
It will allow him to walk in the footsteps of his mother who had a great appreciation of the pilgrimage. He sees his time on pilgrimage in the coming days as a time to connect with family and with memories down the years.
Being barefoot will allow him to feel the soil under his feet from which he came.
He sees fasting as a physical and spiritual challenge to do more for those who suffer hunger and a means of prayerful support for those in hospital who are awaiting tests and operations.
While he does not look forward to keeping awake for 24hours, he sees this as a way of being with the many people in the world who have no choice in keeping vigil.
At the end of his pilgrimage he hopes to be able to appreciate the manner in which Lough Derg will allow him to pray with his whole body and to be more like Christ every day.
He looks forward to the opportunity of celebrating God’s mercy with other people in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He hopes for a deeper awareness of the strength offered by the Renewal of Baptismal Promises and the Celebration of the Eucharist.
Booking is recommended during the final two weeks of the pilgrimage season.
The final boat leaves the mainland at 15:00 on Tuesday 13 August 2013.
The Season concludes on Thursday 15 August 2013.
Day retreats will being in mid-August – more details available at www.loughderg.org    or   http://www.facebook.com/loughderg