Trócaire Lenten Lecture 2012

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2012 Trócaire Lenten Campaign

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This year’s 2012 Trócaire Lenten Campaign is… ‘Rebuilding Communities for lasting change’

Focus on Northern Uganda

Trócaire invites you to journey through this Lenten season in solidarity with the community of Bar Kawach in northern Uganda. This particular community have been brought together by Trócaire’s work with them. Theirs is a unique story of returning home after conflict, and the struggles faced by them in order to rebuild their lives, families, livelihoods and community.

Archbishop John Baptist Odama

Archbishop John Baptist Odama is widely known throughout the world as Uganda’s leading peace maker and leader of the Acholi Religious Leaders, involved in convincing the LRA and Ugandan government to reach peaceful settlement to the 20-year conflict in Northern Uganda.

 It is my conviction and belief that, peace project is God’s project. He only employs us as workers in the field; therefore we have to be attentive to listen through the word of God and Scripture and the Social teaching of the Church. It is the re-echoing the voice of God. The right way of approach in handling violence especially armed conflict is through dialogue, through talking, through establishing communication between the fighting parties to listen to one another, to find out why are you fighting? Why are you killing each other? Through dialogue we shall know the truth, and through this truth, we shall know what to do. And this is what we have been encouraging”